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What Good A Kitchen Without The Right Equipment?

Useful Kitchen Gadgets

Baking Pans

Many people are learning the fine art of baking like their grandmothers did in the past. Your job will be easier and you will see better results with quality pans. You will also need a good set of stainless-steel or glass mixing bowls, measuring cups, and measuring spoons, and a rolling pin. All of these can be had economically.

Unless you plan on opening a bakery, a few items that can provide multiple functions are all you need. While some bakers swear by metal pans, others prefer glass ones. Each one has its own benefits and it is up to you. You will need two or three metal cookie sheets, a couple sizes of cake pans, a pie pan, and a couple loaf pans for bread or meatloaf. Two or three sizes of casserole dishes are also handy for baking and presentation.

cookware bakeware

Knives and Cutting Boards

Your kitchen will not be complete without a quality set of knives. They are essential for just about every task in cooking. If you can, look for ones that are made out of high-carbon stainless-steel. You will be able to sharpen the edges and will not have the worry of stains or rust. Like cookware, knives come in a whole range of pricing and you just need to buy the best you can afford. Often times, you will save money if you buy knives in a set.

One of your favorite knives will probably be your chef’s knife. It is invaluable in the kitchen for slicing meats or chopping vegetables, fruits, herbs, or nuts for a dish. When you are peeling and preparing your produce, you will want a handy paring knife. It is also useful for smaller cutting jobs. Most good collections will also come with a filet knife, a serrated knife (for breads and some soft produce) and a set of serrated steak knives. You should also invest in a sharpener so you can keep a sharp edge on all your knives. The sharper they are, the less likely they are to slip and cause a nasty cut.

cutting board_knive

To save your counter tops from getting all scratched up, it is important to have a couple of good cutting boards. For centuries, cutting boards were hand-carved from wood and were also used as decorative service items for breads and cheeses. Many of these heirloom cutting boards have been passed down for generations of cooks. If you want to try your hand at pastries, you may also consider a marble cutting board. Marble stays cool and smooth and allows for the easy rolling of delicate pastry or crusts.

A lot of cooking enthusiasts buy flexible silicone boards that fold up and let them dump chopped ingredients in a bowl. No matter which design you choose, you will want to keep a separate meat cutting board to inhibit cross contamination of food.

Other Useful Gadgets

While there are some specialty gadgets that may end up collecting dust in the back of your cabinets, there are several that are worth purchasing for everyday use. Electric can openers are certainly easier and quicker than hand-held ones when you are in a hurry. If you enjoy baking, you will want a quality stand mixer or maybe a small hand-held one. Blenders can help you easily make nutritious juice drinks or mix up cocktails for a party. You may also invest in a food processor and a colander.

As your tastes and ideas change and according to your budget, your kitchen will constantly be evolving. If you equip your kitchen properly, you will probably find that it will be one of your favorite rooms in the house. You will be serving awesome meals for your family and friends for many happy years.